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Art is such a wonderful and beautiful way to transform a public or professional environment or even someone's home.  These pieces are always unique and spontaneous compositions, yet connected to my existing body of work and I feel that it is always a privilege to work on a commission for someone.


Whether creating an entirely new piece according to size and scale, or pulling together a collection from my photography and painting archives, I like to work closely with a client to understand their needs and interests. Because of that, I get to know the personality of the space and the people who inhabit it, as well as color palates, significant aesthetics, and other design elements involved.

In addition to residential projects, some of my painting commissions have included large-scale pieces for restaurants and hotels.  I have also worked with businesses to 'redo everything', by creating entire collections to hang throughout their space.


I have always had a love of  painting and cooking. especially because they are such sensory experiences. Working alongside a restaurant owner is particularly enjoyable.  Most people are wanting to have a great experience when at a restaurant, and that is where I fit in; to give them that visual connection.


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Geri Lindsey's life reads something like a novel.  An ageless and iconoclastic spirit, with an infectious laugh and unstoppable zest for life, Geri is the sort of person who literally lights
 up any room she enters.  She is like a bright star. I feel that painting is what I was meant to do, and that my ability to express myself through it is stronger than ever...  there is always a certain moment that arises with each painting, when something magic seems to happen...  it's a mysterious thing and difficult for me to explain, but it's at that moment I know the piece is finished, and I can let it go.  ̶  Geri Lindsey Raised primarily by her mother, a gifted painter and dress shop owner, Geri's childhood universe spanned from the indoor world of her mother's art studio and the classes taught there, to the dress shop filled with elegance and fine design, to the wildly untamed outdoors of the Pacific Northwest woods that surrounded their home.  Her father, a butcher by trade, was an avid hunter and fisherman, who also had a talent for cultivating varieties of flowers for exhibitions.  He often took Geri and her brothers on camping trips, and passed his love of the natural world on to her.  In the end, the divorce of Geri's parents served her creativity in unexpected ways, as loneliness became her familiar companion.
I learned to entertain myself very well!  Everything seemed magical and could be played with, and crafted, and formed into something new...  I'd cut down branches from the woods and bring them inside to decorate my room every Sunday.  I remember how happy I was always making new things...  changing and recreating the space in my room again and again...  I was lucky to grow up in a highly creative environment. Geri began to develop an appreciation of beauty and aesthetics at an early age.  This connection to creativity was not destined to be just a childhood pastime, or a phase that would fade into the background.  Working in her mother's dress shop, she beg